What cha got cooking?

Wherefour leads the small business process manufacturing software space with a tool that keeps your business organized and running.

Got cookies to bake, or oils to blend, CBD to package or drinks to bottle?  Wherefour can help you organize your inventory, plan your production and sell your products without spreadsheets and chaos.

Why you need Wherefour:

  • If you’re struggling with spreadsheets to manage your production process, you need Wherefour.
  • If you’re missing production deadlines and customer expected dates, you need Wherefour.
  • If you don’t know what your products are costing you, or what your margins are on your products, you need Wherefour.

Industries served by using Wherefour:

Operations in Wherefour

Production Planning


Purchasing & Inventory

  Production Scheduling

  Customer orders

  Lot & serial # tracking

  Bills of Material

  B2B portal

  Vendor lead times

  Compliance Reporting

  Ecommerce automation

  PO approval process



  Multiple sites/bins

  Operations planning

  Multi-channel ordering

  3rd party integrations




What about those third-party integrations?

Try these:


  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Xero Accounting
  • Sage Intacct
  • MS Dynamics


  • Shopify
  • ShipStation
  • Metrc
  • SPS Commerce
  • +5,000 more!

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How we help…

We’re Business Solution Providers, a certified Wherefour consulting team helping to educate and onboard new clients to the software. We have people who know both the operations side for producing products, as well as the accounting side for mapping transactions and ensuring financials are correct.

Setting up a manufacturing software isn’t easy but using it can be. Up to ½ of a setup time is spent just defining the processes and how everything ‘fits’ into the process. The rest of the time is spent personally training all users in roles and tasks and setting up procedures for everything to work smoothly. We do all of the ‘heavy lifting’ of defining processes, creating workflows and adjusting settings to match your business model. You provide the company’s details, and we make Wherefour work for you.

Pricing Models:  (click HERE for details)

  • Projects – we run the whole implementation for you, from setup to workflow process development and training. We take ownership and provide you with a program setup and ready to run.


  • Support Banks – prepaid blocks of time. Intended for experienced software users who need some ‘added support’ to get over the finish line or some process improvements.