Small Business Manufacturing Software

Which one is right for you?

Running a manufacturing company is tough. Trying to track all the parts and pieces that go into production, coordinating the labor, machines and material going into the final products and keeping costs down at the same time can seem impossible to small business owners.

To keep things organized and to maintain your sanity, a manufacturing software tied to your accounting program can help you keep organized, meet customer orders on time and reduce inventory loss.

Here are four of the leading SMB manufacturing software vendors we favor:

All four production tracking software connect with either QuickBooks Online or Xero Accounting on the ‘back end,’ so you can focus on daily operational tasks separate from your accounting.

The software differ slightly depending on whether you are a process manufacturer (making food or cosmetics) or a discreet manufacturer (making solid products with little change to the components), as well as complexity of the overall process.

Do you need an online, sophisticated production tool that will handle not just simple batches but more complicated manufacturing processes? Then, MRPeasy may be what you need. This is an excellent tool for both process and discreet manufacturers who require multi-level Bills of Material, lot and serial number tracking and advanced production processes, as well as the normal purchase and customer order process.

Advantages are:

Do you have an online presence but also manufacture your products in-house or through a contract manufacturer? Cin7 (formerly known as ‘Dear Inventory’) is a major partner to Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks. These two programs work together to accomplish the discreet or process manufacturing on the one side, and the accounting on the other.

Are you making foods (for animals or humans), CBD or producing cosmetics in batches? Then a ‘process manufacturing’ software like Wherefour might be right for you. Wherefour tracks ‘recipes’ for your products and shows in easy step-by-step processes how to make them.

Advantages are:

Are you a traditional small business manufacturer needing to track inventory and production output in small batches? Then Katana may be your answer. This popular manufacturing software is a great entry-level tool for budget-conscious companies needing to move from spreadsheet-based tracking to an integrated platform.

We’re Business Solution Providers, Inc. We provide the setup, training and workflow process development to onboard your company with this software and make the lives of you and your workers easier and less complicated.

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