Acumatica for Distributors & Inventory Companies

Why Acumatica?

  • Accessed by the Cloud – always online
  • Unlimited users – don’t pay per user licenses
  • Up-to-date professional programming – skip ‘workarounds;’ just work
  • Track serial numbers, lot numbers and expiration dates
  • Track expected dates and outbound shipments
  • Best ‘user sentiment’ in the industry*


How does it work?

Work as a team.  Acumatica is a complete business management software, or ‘ERP,’ bringing together all functional areas into ONE database.

For the Sales department:

  • know when products will be available for shipment
  • know the fulfillment status of orders
  • trace analytics of your best customers
  • leverage the CRM to track prospects


For the Finance department:

  • know what bills to expect
  • know the margins on your products
  • track labor costs
  • create unlimited GL accounts for tracking


For the Warehouse:

  • know what’s on order and when to expect parts and products in
  • know your inventory levels and when to reorder
  • scan and label your products for tighter inventory control
  • track multiple locations and activities to know part and product status


For Management:

  • Track product and business profitability
  • Control pricing
  • View dashboard and BI graphs to monitor business
  • Understand the health of your business and where the weak spots are

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*Best ‘user sentiment’ as compiled by Info-Tech Research, Software Reviews’ Emotional Footprint, 2019.