No Comparison

Many times, when an existing QuickBooks user hears about Acumatica ERP, their first question is, ‘how does it compare?’ The answer is, ‘There is no comparison. Acumatica is in a different class of software and runs entire businesses.’ Well then, what’s different? Here are 10 things that set Acumatica ERP apart: The storage capacity of […]

How Manufacturing Edition software can work for you

Manufacturing electronics, instruments, optics, and other sophisticated products requires complex manufacturing processes—and competitive business processes. Supporting them requires agile decision-making based on personalized reports with drill down into the details. Plus, this information needs to be available around the clock on PCs and mobile devices—without requiring per user licensing fees. Acumatica supports customer orders from […]

How Acumatica ERP Manufacturing Edition software can work for you

Components, controls, switchgear, motors, and generators vary widely in design and production requirements, but they frequently share parts, assemblies, and manufacturing resources. Balancing supply and demand are critical in one operation or across multiple facilities, particularly when making standard and custom products on the same lines and work centers. Acumatica supports a wide range of […]