About Us

The Team

We’re a group of six technical and support people focused on delivering top software solutions
to our financial, inventory and manufacturing clients worldwide. We are scattered through the
United States, from Detroit to So. Cal, working remotely and on-site for clients.

The Company
Established in 2007, and incorporated in 2015, Business Solution Providers started advising QuickBooks and small-to-medium sized businesses on financial support. In 2010, the company saw a niche’ to help Distribution and Manufacturing clients who were being underserved. Since then, we have helped over 150 product-based businesses improve operations, and ultimately the lives of everyone who works there.
The Products

Our focus is on Distribution (inventory) and Manufacturing clients. While that is our clients’
main, day-to-day mission, we also serve them with accounting/finance support, rounding out
the businesses’ needs for product fulfillment and overall business control.

We aid companies through four main products:

Acumatica ERP is a full business software suite of financial, operational and productivity modules working together across an entire enterprise. Editions include: General Business, Distribution, Manufacturing, Commerce & Construction.
Small manufacturers looking to sell online love MRPEasy. The online software performs tracks and controls the production process while enabling the ability to sell their products online through Ecommerce platforms. The producers have control from the sales cycle to the fulfillment process when selling their products online. Connects to QB Online.
A workhorse in the manufacturing software industry, MISys handles all manufacturing processes from discreet to process and job shop. Designed for the desktop and servers, MISys works with QuickBooks to bring a combination of operational and financial control.
A staple in the small business accounting world, QuickBooks Enterprise helps small distributors and light manufacturers track and control inventory, while maintaining the books for financial reporting. QuickBooks Enterprise, or ‘QBES’ as it’s known, can handle up to 30 users and multiple warehouse locations. Inventory features include barcoding, lot/serial number tracking, FIFO costing and bin tracking. Perfect for small distributors looking to track products and finances from multiple offices and locations.

The Process

There’s a thought-out process to each product we support, but the cycle is essentially the same.

Test, Test, Test
Go Live

 We make a careful Needs Assessment of our client’s business needs, help them decide which product is best for them, and devise a plan for deployment.

Why does our logo look the way it does?

Successful software deployments involve the solution, people and the processes to make it all work. We combine all three for a complete integration process.